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The high-rise is composed of three interlocking towers, built in separate phases and includes for sale condominiums and for lease apartments. Each is twenty stories tall and sheathed in glass and aluminum, the geometry standing in harmonious contrast to the natural landscape, merging nature and man-made design in this suburban setting. Strategically connected at multiple locations, the tower masses feature immense openings in the building façade up to nine stories tall, framing striking vistas through the building while creating bridged residences offering views in two or more opposing directions. These voids serve to lighten the building’s mass and provide an ever-changing, highly sculptural profile, allowing glimpses of the underlying volumes that create the whole from inside and out. The Chicago Tribune has said of the project: “Near the Old Orchard shopping center in Skokie, you’ll (drive) by one of the most exhilarating new high-rises to emerge from the Chicago area’s current building boom.”

The skin is discerningly detailed with recessed balconies, layered red horizontal sun-shades and vertical aluminum fins at the residential levels with translucent glass channels at the parking levels, providing varying texture and patterns of shade and shadow to the façade. The shades, fins and panels further aid in reducing energy consumption in the building.

The towers outline a grand-scaled entry courtyard which faces the Woods. An elevated sundeck spans the width of the entrance, which contains brick-paved drives encircling a center fountain. From the courtyard, residents and guests pass through two-story lobbies finished in shot blast, white marble walls with honed black terrazzo floors.

Green roof gardens are located at eight different floor levels. These gardens reduce storm water runoff and lower the ambient temperature, aided further in these respects by the entry fountain and three on-site water features.

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