What do you see in terms of builders adding solar to new home construction, as either a standard or optional feature?

David Hovey, Sr.
President and founder, Optima Inc.

I envision solar energy being used to help power the common elements in multifamily development as part of a net-zero energy consumption goal for the 21st century. Both Optima Camelview Village and Optima Biltmore Towers have photovoltaic panels that create solar power. Optima has also used extensive green roof technologies in both developments.

Optima is committed to using technologies in our future developments to create net-zero or carbon-neutral buildings, eventually leading to the transition of buildings from consumers of energy to energy producers.

Lori Singleton
Manager of sustainable initiatives and technologies, Salt River Project

Salt River Project is seeing an increase in interest by home builders to include solar as a standard feature for home buyers. In the past, offering solar as a standard feature was seen as a unique sales tool, but it has become more common as home builders see it’s something that appeals to buyers.

Connie Wilhelm
President and executive director, Home Builders Association of Central Arizona

We have several members who now offer (solar) as an option. I don’t think it’s practical to offer it as standard because of the orientation of homes in Arizona. I’ve even talked with several solar companies that have turned people down because of the way their homes were oriented.

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