Posh chef-owner Joshua Hebert has more than just New Year's Eve to celebrate on December 31. It also happens to be his restaurant's first anniversary.

Situated on the ground level of the Optima Camelview condos, the fine-dining spot is known for its lack of a traditional menu. Instead of ordering a la carte, you select your likes and dislikes on a checklist, and the kitchen dreams up fanciful tasting menus accordingly.

For New Year's Eve, though, there will be menus–one, a greatest-hits rundown of favorite dishes from the past year, and the other, a completely vegan dinner.

Vegan cuisine from a chef who excels at exotica like kangaroo meat? Believe it.

It's "so that our friends the vegans can enjoy a civilized composed meal on a night they are often forgotten," Hebert explains.

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