Interior Architecture Award - Residential

More than 20 years ago the Interior Architecture Award was established to promote interior architecture as a unique profession by honoring phenomenal projects. Interior architecture, for award purposes, is defined as the space within a building envelope, including lighting, finishes and furnishing designs. The jury studied a range of projects completed between Jan. 1, 2003 and May 1, 2005.

The residence takes its cue from the rugged desert. The fundamental idea is one of raw simplicity in the character, composition and assembly of materials consistent with the surrounding environment. Concrete walls blend with the earth, steel beams reflect the power and color of boulder outcroppings and red and green accents provide the punctuation naturally found in the vibrant vegetation of the desert. Spaces were left open to be viewed within and without. A minimal amount of furniture was used to accentuate the spaces' strength. "The interior is about being outside," said a juror. "The furnishings of the interior are the desert. This is the work of an accomplished architect."

Divine Detail Award - Photovoltaic Panels

The Divine Detail Award essentially honors architectural ingenuity. A jury seeks the results of a firm's fundamental architectural theory or design concept in their use of a particular material, detail or building technology. Execution must express the idea as a whole. Similar to other awards, only projects completed between January 2003 and May 2005, were eligible.

Spaces are protected from the sun by large, cantilevered roof planes composed of structural steel framing topped by photovoltaic panels. Each contains 72 thin opaque film cells laminated between two clear sheets of glass which rest on steel beams. The cells shade spaces in and around the residence while converting solar energy to power 60 percent of the home's electric load. The home received the highest attainable rating from the Scottsdale Residential Green Building program because of the photovoltaic panels. The jurors liked how the architect exploited the beauty of the photovoltaic panels to enhance the house's beauty. They also admired how the architect exploited the beauty of a product and technology. (Double winner, also received Interior Architecture Citation of Merit.)

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